DIY Fauna Stamp Set

Karen created these sweet little animals this week.  (And a mushroom.  Because we love mushrooms).  Don't be intimidated by the idea of creating your own stamp.  If you have the right tools, it just takes a little patience to carve out all of the negative areas to leave your impression.  We used ours on these tiny brown envelopes (I stamped on a sticker first so that it would really show up), and on some faux wood scrapbooking paper.  I simply cut the paper to fit inside the envelope.  They're the perfect size to be used as a gift tag.  Or if you used bigger envelopes, they'd be great for someone going off to camp to write a note home.  (However, if you're like us, you can pretend you're going to sleep-away camp and give the set to yourself!) 

DIY Carved Fauna Stamps Instructions PDF


Fauna Stamp Patterns
Graphite Transfer Paper
Speedball Carving Tool
Speedball Speedy-Carve Block


  1. Gather your materials.
  2. Transfer your design onto a piece of Speedy-Carve Block a bit larger than your design.  (Speedy-Carve Block is easy to cut using scissors or an Exacto knife.)
  3. Using a narrow carving nib, care an outline around your design, outlining all of the areas of your stamp that will remain.  (When following our patterns, the colored area of the design will be the part that remains.)  I suggest holding your nib at an angle for this step and just skimming the surface of the block.
  4. Switch to a smaller nib and carve out all of the large areas.  You will want to carve down to about half of the depth of your block.
  5. Switch back your narrow nib again.  This time you can carve in a more detailed manner along the sides of the stamp block that will remain.  You can also use this smaller nib to carve out the smaller areas such as the dots on the mushroom.
  6. Try your stamp out!  Because stamps are not mounted, we suggest lying them face up on the surface and applying the ink by holding the inkpad and pressing on the stamp.  If you find that some of our carved areas are still receiving ink, you can go back and further carve them out.  


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