June Is: Outdoor Living

June has begun and our theme for the month will be OUTDOOR LIVING!  We are so happy to be soaking up some sunshine, aren't you?  This month we'll cover lots of things to do, wear, see and collect outdoors.  To kick it off, Karen and I packed a picnic lunch and headed for the park.

I'll let you in on a little secret: trying to take photos of your picnic food before you're allowed to eat it gets a tiny bit annoying.  And you know that sunshine I was so happy about in the first paragraph?  Well, we were sweating within minutes.  And getting a little grumpy.  

I was busy killing ants and trying to keep the inchworms away from the grapes. In the meantime, Karen was running back and forth with the timer set on the camera so she could be in one of the shots.  We were hot.  We remembered that we didn't like bugs.  And our stomachs were grumbling.  We were practically in a state of panic when the bottle opener wasn't working on our seltzers.  


However, once the photos were done and we started eating, we relaxed and enjoyed the breeze, just as we hope you will do when you go on your next picnic.  We recommend traveling with your own personal photographer if you want to capture your life on film.  That way you can properly enjoy your picnic without breaking a sweat.  Oh, and I would also recommend trying to smuggle in a saw.  In my mind it made perfect sense but I suppose my comment, "Oh, man!  I wish I had remembered my saw!"  came a bit out of the blue for Karen. She stopped spreading jam on her cheese and responded dryly, "Yeah, that's just what I was thinking."  Well, I'll have you know that there was a good explanation for my desire for a saw in the middle of our picnic.  The tree we were sitting under had the most beautiful lichen growing there.  And I told Karen I'd like to have a branch to take home.  I'm trying to incorporate the various projects from our blog into my life and we had just learned how to attach air plants onto branches.  She then reminded me that cutting off parts of trees was illegal.  And uncool.  But still.  I secretly wish I had had my saw.  

Looking forward sharing our Outdoor Living theme with you this June!

xoxo Zandra