DIY: Gardening Apron

This is so typical of us.  A project idea comes up less than a week before an event and we ABSOLUTELY MUST HAVE IT or our party will be missing something so obviously essential that we couldn't stand ourselves if we didn't include it.  If a sane person were employed as part of the staff at Little Yellow Couch, they would tell us that we have other imminent projects due, long-term goals to fulfill and future events that need our immediate attention.  If a sane person were employed by Little Yellow Couch, most likely this planting apron never would have seen the light of day.  But fortunately, we don't have a staff!  Yippiee!  

At any rate, since we found this beehive patterned paper that we love for our invites and bunting, we decide we needed more, more, more bee-related things to tie it all together.   
I dyed some cloth aprons gray using good old Rit Dye, Karen created a stencil of a bee and I used white fabric paint to finish it off.  

And when you see our guests wearing their aprons at the workshop, I know you'll agree how the party just wouldn't have been the same without them.  (And if you don't agree, then take heart that you are actually a sane person and are not in need of drugs, therapy or sand to stick your head into when you've said "yes" to one too many ideas).  

xoxo Zandra

Bee Stencil