Decoupage Animal Pins

Karen and I love the part of our job that requires us to come up with fun new projects.  We found these sweet wood cut outs from The Birdhouse Collection in Australia and we wanted to see how they looked if we papered them.  


Pretty awesome, if we don't say so ourselves!  Each animal comes with a pin back so you can wear it as soon as you're finished with the decoupage.  There are many more to choose from when you visit The Birdhouse Collection. (To purchase outside of Australia, visit their Etsy shop.)

Simply trace the cut-out onto the back of your paper.  Cut out and use Mod Podge (or another decoupage medium) to adhere.  Use another two coats on top of the paper, letting the layers dry in-between.  


Don't want to wait  for the materials?  Don't have the time to make one yourself?  You can simply buy any of the four animal pins we've made.  Visit our SHOP to purchase.

Happy Weekend, everyone!

xoxo Zandra