Vignette: Through the Lens

For our vignette this month, we wanted to incorporate a few of our vintage cameras into the scene.  Old cameras are fun to collect and the prices range from fairly inexpensive ($12 or so) to highly valued (upwards of $1200), depending on their condition and rarity.  Take a wild guess as to which kind we own.


I also pulled out some old film rolls and collected them in a cloche.  I mean, what else are we going to do with them now that we're all using iPhones all the time?  


Mixed in with the old equipment are a few of Karen's tin types, the forerunners to modern photographs.  You can sometimes find these at antiques fairs and flea markets, or, you could showcase a few old black and white postcards, which are easier to find.  

Finally, I've used a couple of larger black and white shots of my family, which makes the vignette feel personal to me, rather than an attempt to mimic a museum display.  And of course, we believe no vignette is complete without a natural element, which a few stems of flowers take care of beautifully.  

Send us a picture of your photography-inspired vignette and we'll share it with all of our readers!  

xoxo Zandra