Favorite Photographers

We've been really taken in by a particular genre of photography this month.  I'm not sure what to call it, (or even if someone who knows what they're talking about would call it a "genre"), but I'd describe it as photography that is elaborately staged, rather than capturing candid moments as they happen.  The photographers who create fantastical, amusing or disturbing settings for their shots have a specific vision they want to see realized.  This kind of creativity is incredibly appealing to us.  Below we share the work of three of our favorite photographers.  We'd love to hear which particular photos you like best in the comments below!

xoxo Zandra

Kisa Kavass

Photography Courtesy of Kisa Kavass



Karen's Favorite: "Moments de curiosite" - Girl with Fox and Clock

Zandra's Favorite: "Down the Rabbit Hole" - Girl Holding a Mirror in Front of Her Face


Aaron Ruell

Photography Courtesy of Aaron Ruell


Karen's Favorite: Boy on Christmas Morning

Zandra's Favorite: Two Men with Painted Horse



Jennifer Thoreson

(formally Jennifer Hudson)

Photography Courtesy of Jennifer Thoreson


Karen's Favorite: "Flora" Girl with Mechanical Leg

Zandra's Favorite; "Experimental Work" Man Resting His Forehead Against the Wall