Top 10 Photography Projects

As we close out the month of April, we hope we've inspired you to incorporate photography into your daily life.  Use those smart phone cameras, hang those snapshots, throw a photo-shoot party!  What we love about this medium is the range of ways to interact with it...from taking Polaroids to absorbing the images created by the most talented professionals.  

Here is a re-cap of the tools and approach we've used for our month long theme, "Through The Lens".  




1.  Award yourself a "camera club" badge and make one for a snap-happy friend

2.  For the photographer: a hand embroidered Rolliflex camera

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1.  Turn your photo booth snapshots into a hanging roll of film

2. Collect vintage cameras to create a vignette with your own black & white photos

3.  Cut up family photos and mount onto gorgeous paper for hanging

4.  Create a huge Polaroid image out of a collection of regular sized Polaroids

5.  Use floral foam to secure fresh flowers inside vintage cameras



1.  Invite friends to a portrait party using our dragonfly template

2.  Serve our newest cocktail, The Black & White

3.  Get creative (and have a blast) "on set" at a photo shoot

We hope you've enjoyed our April theme, "Through The Lens," and we look forward to revealing our newest obsession tomorrow!  See you in May!

xoxo Zandra & Karen June