Globe Ring DIY

A Photo Shoot Party

Chapter 2: The Ring
In which Zandra develops a character for her portrait

Inspired by the scenes created by some of our favorite photographers, we wanted our portraits to capture a moment in the life of a fictional character.  I had a fractured fairytale type thing all lined up in my mind (which didn't end up working, which I'll explain later this week).  But Karen had already got me all excited about making a particular ring for my character.  And sometimes, you just have to stick with one part of an idea that you love, even if you're not sure how the other components will play out.  

I didn't know what the new scene was going to be but I knew I desperately wanted to be wearing this ring!  As you can see, it's like wearing a miniature terrarium.  I'm sure you can immediately understand why I didn't want to give this up.  I mean, who wouldn't want to wear a moss-filled glass globe on their finger, under which a butterfly has been captured???  That's right.  No one.  

So Karen went ahead and made this stunning, one-of-a-kind ring for me and we figured we'd come up with the rest of the story later.  And now, it doesn't have to be one-of-a-kind!  You, too, can impress your friends with this brilliant DIY!  (Or you can buy ours.  We've made a commitment to sell the DIYs from our photo shoots to you, our dear readers, and that is what we're going to do.  Plus, Karen has promised she'd make me another).  


Glass Terrarium Bottle Ring via Ingredients for Lovely
Natural Dried Moss
Jewelry Glue
Fast Drying Craft Glue 
Jewelry Plier Cutters
Glue Stick
Butterfly Printable*
Book Page Printable*
X-Acto Knife

*Butterfly and Book Page printables are taken from a vintage biology book.  We recommend printing the butterfly on card stock for sturdiness and the book page on regular printer paper.  


  • Loosely cut out the butterfly and glue directly to the larger swatch of book page at any placement or angle that you like.  Then proceed to cut out the book page and butterfly details together.   
  • Put a small score in the center of the colorful side of your butterfly and fold slightly.
  • Add a dab of tacky glue to the end of your small piece of wire (wire should be a tad more than 1/2" in length).  Using your pliers, hold wire in place on the back of the butterfly until set.  
  • Add a second dab of tacky glue to the other end of the wire and set into the moss on the ring base.  Hold in place until set.  
  • Add a ring of jewelry glue to the outer edge of your ring base and set globe in place.  Allow to dry overnight.