Mixed Media Photo Artists


We not only love photography, we love the ways in which some artists incorporate photography into a vision that includes other media as well.  Here are three of our favorite artists who have deeply influenced our theme this month.  "Through The Lens" refers not only to the act of looking through a camera, it's also about what happens when you look through a variety of viewpoints and see something wholly new.   That's how we feel when we look at the work below.  

Deborah Noyes

Deborah Noyes of Storied Eye 

Shop Deb's work here.

I love how Deb describes her work as her "little cabinet of curiosities."  Her collages are often reminiscent of that dark Victorian style where people collected oddities found within the animal kingdom.  Deb is also an author and she seems to use that expertise to create multi-layered stories for her visual creations.  Many of her collages seem to reference archetypal characters which she recasts as narratives from made-up, modern fairytales. Her artwork leaves me feeling both haunted and delighted.  It's that fine line she walks that really resonates with me because I don't necessarily want to be spooked by an image but I do want to feel pulled in.  In my view, Deb is really brilliant at this!  

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Miranda van Dijk

Miranda van Dijk of Purr Anders

Shop Miranda's work here.

Miranda's work is truly breathtaking, especially once you realize what it is you're looking at. She transposes vintage photography onto flowers and leaves she's made from cotton or cheesecloth.  The printed images have an ephemeral quality to them, reflective of our fragile of memories, which she is preserving through her work.  Since she takes commissions and uses photos provided by her customers, she describes these pieces as keepsakes, but I think they are much more than that...they are works of art in their own right . In the slideshow above, there's one example where she's transposed a painting, rather than a photograph, onto one of her flowers.  It's part of a really fantastic project she's doing with the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam called A Woman's Herbarium (and so we had to include it, even though we're supposed to be talking photography!). You must check it out!  


Muriel McDonald

Muriel McDonald, Watchful Crow Arts

Shop Muriel's work here.

There's something so charming and disarming about Muriel's photo collages.  She is a self-proclaimed "outsider artist," which means she is self-taught and working outside the constraints of the established cultural art scene.  If, like us, you have an inexplicable love affair with animals dressed up in clothing, you'll be sucked right into Muriel's work!  I love how she uses a very formal portrait style from another era to situate her animals.  They look like they really belong in long gowns and sporting bowler hats.  But there's something else besides humor in these pieces.  I think the absurdity of seeing the animals in human settings helps us laugh at the absurdity of our own man-made cultural norms.  


Hope you enjoy these artists as much as we do!  Let us know what you think or if you have any of your own favorite artists working in mixed media photography, please do share!

xoxo Zandra