Shopping List: A Hand Crafted Mother's Day

At Little Yellow Couch, we are both counting down the days until that special date when we are treated like royalty in our own homes by our children and husbands ... Mother's Day.  We will lie in bed all day while we are fanned with palm leaves and served meals and cocktails with the ring of a bell.  Ah, well a girl can dream!  

If you are not inclined to wait on your Mother/Wife/MIL, etc. this Mother's Day, then look no further than our Hand Crafted Mother's Day Shopping List.  We have a shop full of beautiful artisan made items that will be sure to show her just how adored she is.  We will even wrap it up for you and add a little card.  

xoxo Karen June

  1. Butterfly Globe Ring via Little Yellow Couch
  2. Austin Clutch via Lucends
  3. Gold Leafed Papier-Mache Bowl via Up in the Air Somewhere
  4. She Belongs There eau du parfum via Olivine
  5. Beaded Porcelain Vase via Taylor Ceramics
  6. Crocheted Bloom Headband via Ladylike Handmades
  7. Fiber and Metal Statement Necklace via E. Star Knits
  8. Paint-by-Number Art Block via Studio Liscious
  9. Biology Book Shadow Box via Little Yellow Couch
  10. Pomegranate and Blood Orange Soy Wax Candle via Witch City Wicks
  11. Camera Pin via Little Yellow Couch
  12. Vintage Clip Earring Sweater Clips via Little Yellow Couch
  13. Vintage Rolleiflex Camera Embroidery via Little Yellow Couch