DIY: Photo Booth Film Strips

This DIY came from a short brainstorming session Karen and I had regarding how to use the photo booth film strips she collects.  Whenever her family spies the opportunity to duck behind the curtain of a little boxed room, they jump in and make funny faces at the camera.  And I know she's not alone!  Who can resist the silliness of a photo booth?  But what to do with the pictures?  At best, they end up on our refrigerators for a few months. At worst, we forget about them completely.  Here's a sweet way to get a little mileage out of those memories.  

xoxo Zandra



  • Photo Booth Film Strip
  • White Card Stock
  • Film Strip Washi Tape
  • Wooden Spool (2" width between ends)
  • Paint
  • Foam Brush
  • Packing Tape
  • Glue
  • Bakers Twine
  • Glue Dot
  • Button


  1. Paint your spool any color you like.  We chose a mustard-y yellow in subtle reference to the Kodak logo color.
  2. Trim your film strip on either side until it fits within the width of the spool.  We actually copied and printed ours onto photo paper to preserve the original.  But this is optional.
  3. Tape one strip of Washi tape onto white card stock from top to bottom and then cut out around the outline of the tape.   It will be longer than your film strip.  
  4. Glue your film strip onto the Washi taped card stock from the bottom of the strip up.  You want the bottom of your film strip to match the bottom of your strip of Washi tape with some left over at the top.  
  5. Use your packing tape to tape the top of your completed Washi taped film strip to your spool.  Because your card stock is thick, the tape helps hold the strip in place as you complete the next step.  
  6. Start gluing your strip around the spool until you get to the photos, which you will leave unrolled.  We used Weldbond glue but any strong adhesive will work.  You'll have to work slowly as you will only be able to glue a little at a time, holding your strip in place while it adheres.  
  7. Thread your bakers twine through the spool (we used black and white to compliment the black and white photos).  
  8. Use a Glue Dot on the back of a button to stick the finished product to the wall or anywhere you'd like!  

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