Shopping List: Bookish Bookplates

I adore books.  I have them all over my house ... stacked in shelving (by color of course!), in huge stacks beside my favorite reading spots, tucked in my bag for reading on the go, in the studio for inspiration and in just about every nook and cranny I can find in my home.  I borrow them by stacks from my local library weekly as well, but there is just something about owning your favorite reads ... books you come back to time and again for the connection you had with the characters or for the information and inspiration waiting to be absorbed.  Below I've gathered a collection of bookplates perfect for adding your name to your favorite volumes.  

xoxo Karen June

  1. Letterpress Whale Bookplate Set via Tiny Sorrel
  2. Bookplate - Ex Libris with Hand-drawn Wreath via Tin Oiseau
  3. 12 Bookplates Fox, Rabbit & Hedgehog in Spring via Whimsy Whimsical Paper Goods
  4. A Very Good Book ... Bookplate Set via Racing Snail Press
  5. Ex Libris Bookplates - Hand Printed via Sprouts Press Designs
  6. Babushka Doll Bookplates - From Russia with Love via Pixels Plus Paper
  7. Personalized Assorted Bookplates via Merry Day
  8. Monocol Bookplate Set via Monocol
  9. Letterpress Owl Bookplates via The Foundry
  10. Custom Ex Libris Stamp via Kelsey Pike's Sustainable Papercraft Studio
  11. Cookery Bookplates Printable PDF via Alice Cantrell
  12. Personalized Silhouette Bookplate Stamp via Chatty Press