Bookish Wrap Up at Faneuil Hall, Boston

One of the things we love about running Little Yellow Couch is that we pretty much have to go on interesting excursions.  We're forced to dress up, try new things, talk with strangers and photograph it all.  It really is worth it to actually do (most of) the activities we take on and we highly recommend taking that last step between "oh, that would be so much fun," and "wow, I'm so glad I came here!"  That's how we felt when we took this shot in historic Faneuil Hall in Boston.  We're history geeks at heart and so it was pretty cool to be sitting in a chamber where Samuel Adams spoke about the revolution.  

To close out our celebration of bibliophilia, we loved the idea of releasing a book into the world, not knowing who would find it but hoping it would travel into many new hands.  We have to admit we didn't come up with this on our own...we stumbled upon the idea at and knew it would be the perfect ending to our month-long story.  

Simply put, go to, register and tag it and leave it somewhere you think someone will find it.  Then whomever finds it will see your tag and hopefully go to their site to say they've "caught" it.  So far, there are over 1 million people registered across the globe and over 10 million books making their way around it.  

Here's the tag we created for our books.  You can create your own or borrow ours!  

Book Tag Printable

Happy Reading and we'll see you in April!

xoxo Zandra & Karen June