We've been waiting and waiting to delve into a literary theme and March seems like a good month to be "Bookish," so here we go! 

Karen and I (and millions and zillions of other people) are seriously attached to the pleasures of reading. We'll be devoting this entire month to the world of bibliophiles and bibliophilism.  Not to be confused with bibliomania, which apparently is a type of disorder presenting as the "collecting or hoarding of books to the point where social relations or health are damaged".  (I thank my lucky stars for Wikipedia every single day).   Throughout this month, if you find yourself as excited by book collections as we are, we ask that you conduct an honest self-assessment.  If you are concerned that you may suffer from bibliomania, please consult your doctor.  Contrary to what you might think, we are not qualified to give medical advice on this blog.  

While talking about our favorite authors and titles is great fun, we'll leave most of that up to you to do in our comments section or amongst your friends.  What you can look forward to from Little Yellow Couch is more a celebration of the book as object and a look at how we attach special significance to the stories we've read during particular times in our lives. 

Look for our "Readers Resources," which will include some fantastic avenues down which you can explore your reading passion.  We'll also share our interviews with people who've made super cool things related to books; and of course we'll have DIYs, bookish decor, fashion and libations, all related to the literary scene.  We're particularly excited about our party for the month, which we're calling a "Vintage Librarian Social".  If you proudly refer to yourself as a bookworm, this is one shindig you don't want to miss!