Vintage Librarian Social

You may know that we host some kind of event almost every month at Little Yellow Couch and we had a blast with this one!  For our "Bookish" theme we decided to make up a party that we hadn't heard of before....and here it is: our Vintage Librarian Social. "What the heck is a vintage librarian?" (I could hear our guests muttering when they received our invite).  Well, we knew she'd be smart, classy, and have a great sense of humor when she's with her other librarian friends.  Oh, and she'd be wearing a perfectly suited ensemble including sweater clips, to any social she was attending! 

We simply wanted to have fun, which to us means creating an excuse for dressing up in fab vintage clothing, sporting our retro glasses and talking books, books, books while sipping on tea (with a nip of brandy of course).   

We created a library reading room for our gathering.  Here are a few shots of how we set it up, complete with library posters: 

We each brought five books to share, giving each of them a short review and then trading amongst ourselves.  

A group of librarians, vintage or otherwise, can get a bit rowdy so we had to do a little shushing whenever we got overly excited about a particular storyline. 

All of our guests went home with a Library Kit, featuring due date cards and their envelopes we created with Smock paper, a date stamp, stamp pad and perfectly sharpened #2 pencil.  Oh, and a stack of new books to read, which was definitely the best part of all. 

We loved channelling our inner vintage librarian and we highly recommend you do so, too.  It's a great way to infuse a little humor into your next book club!  

xoxo Zandra & Karen June