Vintage Librarian Social: An Invitation


If you've been following us for a while you know that we usually host some kind of event each month that captures the spirit of our theme.  For "Bookish," hosting a book club seemed to be an obvious choice but we figured most people were already either in one, done with one or have no interest in joining one.  We eventually came up with the idea to do a "Vintage Librarian" party, both of us were immediately excited about the idea and completely on board...even though neither of us really knew what a "Vintage Librarian" party was.  But you get why we wanted to do it, just going on the name alone, right? Whatever it was, it was going to be pretty awesome!

It turns out, the main purpose of the party was to have an excuse to put adorable ensembles together.  Check out our shopping list and you'll want to start dressing in vintage-inspired librarian clothes tomorrow.  We also decided that the tools and accessories sported by librarians of years gone by are satisfyingly collectible.  So we made a "Library Club" badge (which you can purchase here), created a "Librarian's Kit" which we'll show you later this week, and scored some remade library posters to add to our decor.  

And finally, since we really do love books (and not just shopping for bookish clothing), we wanted our guests at the party to share their favorite books with each other.  Karen made this bookmark invitation, which you can download at the end of the post.  We also sent our guests five extra bookmarks that left room for writing things about each book that they were sharing with the group.  At the end, we all traded books, everyone going home with five new ones that have come highly recommended by our fellow "librarians."  I have to tell ya, It was a HOOT!  

xoxo Zandra