Quick Idea: Vintage Lace Collar


It's National Kiss a Librarian Day!  


Ok, we're kidding.  But we do love our friend Laura, and we could just kiss her!  She graciously agreed to a last-minute, impromptu photo shoot at her house so that we could show you this quick little project.  This lovely piece of lace was picked up while we were antiquing but you could also buy lace in various widths (they come on spools) at a fabric store.  You simply sew the top edge around the collar of a cardigan to completely change it's look.  Since we're being Bookish this month, we thought embellishing a style staple from a librarian's wardrobe would be fun.  (And then Laura ended up wearing it to our "Vintage Librarian Social," which we'll reveal later this month...so keep reading)!  


xoxo Karen June & Zandra