DIY: Library Club Badge


Inspired by a vintage brass pin we came upon, we decided to go about making our own Library Club Badges for our as-of-yet-fictitious library club.  We imagine it to be a bit of a secret society where members are identified by their stylish badges.  Meetings would take place in the dusty alcoves of the local library and would no doubt begin with a dramatic reading from a classic novel.   Reading glasses, smart shoes and wool stockings would be required attire, of course. And champagne would be discreetly sipped from teacups.  

We invite you to make your own badge or buy one ready made (by us!) in our SHOP.  Think about how uber cool you'd be sporting one of these snappy numbers.  We'd love for you to join our Library Club and show your membership with pride!

xoxo Karen June


Library Club Badge Pattern & Instructions


3 Colors of Wool Felt ( We love Sweet Emma Jean)
1 Contrasting Embroidery Thread
Sewing Thread (to detail books & assemble pin)
Embroidery Needle
Fabric Scissors
Embroidery Scissors
Fabric Glue (We love Unique Stitch)
Sew-on Pin Back


  1. Gather materials.  Cut out felt pieces using pattern. Do not cut out “Library Club”
    banner shape yet.  Instead, cut a larger rectangular piece to embroider first. 
  2. Glue books to Shield A using pattern for layout.  If needed, cut exccess length to fit to
    Shield A.
  3. Using contrasting sewing thread, stitch details onto books.  
  4. Sew Shield A to Shield B using a whip stitch.
  5. Embroider “Library Club” onto felt rectangle using banner pattern for scale.  
  6. Using banner pattern, cut out 2 banners (one with embroidery and the other for 
  7. Sandwich the banners together and whip stitch around the entire banner while 
    attaching it to the shield.
  8. Sew pin on back.