Reader Giveaway!!! Ex Libris Anonymous

We heart Jacob Deatherage!  Little Yellow Couch has teamed up with Ex Libris Anonymous to give away four (count 'em...4!) journals made from discarded books!  Let us introduce you to Jacob, a super cool guy and the mastermind behind it all.  

Photography  ©  Jacob Deatherage

Photography © Jacob Deatherage

Jacob uses discarded hardcovers to create one-of-a-kind journals that will end up on your "I-must-have-this-right-now" list.  Actually, you'll want one for every book lover you know, that's how addictive they are.  

Here's what we leaned about Jacob when he graciously gave us an interview.  Jacob started Ex Libris Anonymous over 10 years ago and he's been scouting, curating and transforming books ever since.  Before starting his indie biz, he was a wholesale book seller, supplying bookstores with thousands of titles.  Not all of the books made it onto those shelves and would eventually be thought to have no value in the market.  But he hated seeing them thrown out, especially ones that he found aesthetically pleasing on the outside.  Jacob is a true bibliophile (see, I told you we'd use that term at some point this month) in that his love for books encompasses the object itself, not just the words written on a page.  We couldn't agree more!  

The creative aspect of Jacob's work is in curating which books he's going to make into journals. For every 600 books he looks at, only 1 will end up in his shop.  Finding and making the journals is a time consuming and labor intensive process.  His sources include everything from your basic garage sale diamond-in-the-rough type of book to scouring tractor loads of books that come on pallets from dealers with whom he's developed long-standing relationships.  

Once a book is chosen, he meticulously breaks the pages from their binding, cuts plain writing paper to size and inserts some of the book's pages in-between.  He particularly loves it if there are illustrations from the books or even doodles done by school kids that he can interleave throughout the journals.  The last step, of course, is to bind everything up again.

We had a great time talking with Jacob about his business and love of books.  He's energetic with a droll sense of humor that had us laughing.  Here's the skinny on J.D.:

Favorite hobby: Cooking

Favorite books about hobby: the classic Joy of Cooking, the Smitten Kitchen, On Food and Cooking: The Science and Lore of the Kitchen, and Cooked: A Natural History of Transformation.

Favorite book to read over and over: Moby Dick (he reads it once a year!)

Favorite place: the ocean

Best part about his job: finding terrific old books

Worst part: finding the time and energy for marketing

Best way for us to sum up what Jacob does all day?  Watch this video!!!

And now, the goods!  Below are six journals Karen and I chose from Jacob's collection.  We are giving four away (yes, we are selfishly keeping two of them...Jacob said we could!).  Keep scrolling down to enter the contest.  If you have any questions, leave us a comment or send us an email: info [at]  Good luck!

xoxo Zandra