DIY: Sweater Clips from Clip-On Earrings

In case you hadn't noticed, our theme for this month is "Bookish," and we're channeling our inner "vintage librarian" in preparation for our upcoming social.  We think you'll agree that every classy librarian sports a clip to hold her cardigan in place.  We love bringing back an outdated accessory and making it fresh and modern.  We're really digging these clips because they dress up a sweater in a fun, unexpected way.  Take a look: 

Each set is made with clip-on earrings, a chain or two, and some beads.  All you need are basic jewelry tools and our DIY instructions to make your own. 

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xoxo Karen June & Zandra

Clip-On Earring Collar Clips Instructions PDF


Pair of Clip-On Earrings with Holes in Clip (Many are designed this way, but some are not)
7 mm Jump Rings (We love Supply Pusher for our findings)
4 mm Jump Rings 21 gauge Eye Pins 
Beads (We love Beads 'N Supplies)
Needle Nose Pliers with Wire Cutters
Round Nosed Pliers


  1. Gather materials.  
  2. Add a bead to an Eye Pin and cut the end leaving about 3/8" at the end.  
  3. Using round nosed pliers, create a loop at the end of the wire.  Your bead will now have a loop on either end keeping it in place.  
  4. Create a number of bead links and connect using 4mm jump rings.  Our chain is approximately 5 1/2" long.
  5. Attach the beaded chain to the clip-on earrings using 7mm jump rings.  We chained three together on each end to avoid any beads being covered by the earrings.  
  6. Clip onto any collar or cardigan!

See this project and add your own DIYs here:

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