Shopping List : Crazy About ... Valentines

I ADORE Valentine's Day ... especially the kitschy glittery-ness of it all!  My taste is usually a bit more refined but there is just something about pleated satin chocolate boxes and plush teddybears holding stuffed hearts that sets my hear aflutter.  As a kid, I used to pour over the personal ads on Valentine's Day wishing one of those declarations of love was for me.  In my mind, those ads were the epitome of romance ... especially when your sweetheart paid for an ad in full-color!  Swoon!  

Now if kitsch and glitter don't quite flip your pancake, here are some slightly more refined Valentines to declare your love.

xoxo Karen June


1.  Letterpress Arrow Love via Blackbird Letterpress
2.  Valentine Gift Flags via In Haus Press
3.  HappyValentine's Day Craft Card via Sugar Paper 
4.  There's Nobody Else... via Emily McDowell Illustration
5.  Cement Valentine via Wiley Valentine
6.  You Rule Letterpress Valentine via Vintage Letterpress
7.  Like Campfires Letterpress Card via Smock Paper
8.  Love Letterpress Card via Parrott Design Studio
9.  Best Friend Valentine Card via DeLuce Design
10.  The Designer's 3 Pack of Letterpress Valentine's Day Cards via 1331 Design