We're Crazy About ... Secret Valentines

Brrrrr…. Despite our best attempts at optimism during this dreary month, we could all use a little pick-me-up, which is what’s so nice about Valentine's Day.  To be honest, Valentine's Day hasn’t held my attention very much over the past several decades, once I realized that the teachers made every kid give everyone a card and I wasn’t nearly as popular as I thought.  And then there were those agonizing years in high school when you were hoping not to be publicly humiliated by sitting at your desk empty handed while the cheap gas station roses were passed out to the girls whose admirers had the forethought to cough up a few dollars the week before.  But I digress. 


Valentine's Day happens to be Karen June’s favorite holiday and her feverish delight is contagious.  This month, we are diving whole-heartedly (get it?) into V-Day with some quick and easy DIYs, printables, drink and dessert ideas to get you ready for the 14th.  Our goal for the next two weeks is to get you excited about dropping off an anonymous little gift for your closest friends.  Let’s face it, many of us don’t have partners who care much about this girly, throw-back holiday, so why not spoil the people who will actually appreciate it?   


For the second half of February, we broaden our "crazy about..." theme to share what we love, what we’re currently obsessing over, and what we’re simply, well, crazy about.  These things are what fuel our collections, motivate us to stay engaged in the world, and bring us simple pleasures on a daily basis.   Until next time, my sweet…


Zandra (& Karen June!)