Vignette: From Russia With Love

As a send-off to the Winter Olympics, we've created a little vignette to express our fondness for the Games and Mother Russia.  It's always fun to talk with friends about which Olympic events they were following, which athletes they rooted for, the spectacles we've called "The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat." (Ok, that's a little hokey).  Anyway, here's our tribute to the Sochi Olympics, which we think makes for a cool vignette, no matter that the Games won't be back for another four years.


This vignette was particularly fun to do because I get to keep a bunch of Karen June's things to pretty up my house for a month.  She and her husband adopted their son from Russia and she has an impressive collection of matryoshka dolls she's brought back from her travels. Only three of her sets are in the little scene we've created here, along with a few beautifully bound books in Russian which I've also pilfered from Karen's house.


Finally, we pulled in a pewter pitcher I recently found on one of our antiquing trips.  I love that its handle mimics a traditional trophy, which we thought fitting for our Sochi tribute.  


From Russia, With Love

xoxo Zandra & Karen June