Off the Shelf : The Best Online Magazines

Our "Off the Shelf" post this month is truly not to be found on a shelf.  We're crazy about online magazines and want to get you hooked on them, too.  The four we're featuring below are our top picks for style and design magazines.  They are all formatted like print mags and, wait for it...they're free!!!  Just go to their websites and subscribe to get an email every month letting you know there's a new issue waiting for you.  Easy breezy way to get some terrific eye candy, fashion tips and great decor advice!


Katie Armour and Jane Lilly Warren, Editors

Matchbook has the most beguiling tag line: “A Field Guide to a Charmed Life.”  How can you not start flipping through this magazine after reading that?  It reminds me of a throwback to my pre-teen years when the first stirrings of woman-hood were resonating within me.  I’m not talking maxi-pads here…I’m talking about that time in your life when you start composing a vision of what kind of “feminine” you want to be when you grow up.  And the gals at Matchbook muse on this theme with perfection.  Their regular columns include quips on what it means to be a “Matchbook Girl,” which immediately makes you want to be one; the “History Lessons” which feature a glimpse into the life of past style icons, complete with a current-day shopping list to imitate the look; and several pages on staff picks for beauty, fashion and home décor, each curated with a new theme.  As for their featured columns, I love the designers they interview each month, introducing me to new people and concepts that I always want to explore further.  Matchbook has this feeling of optimism and delight running through its pages and I always look forward to the newest issue!


Irene Edwards, Executive Editor

Lonny is one of the big boys in the online magazine world and one of the first to do an online shelter and design mag.  And I think the staff has set a pretty high bar!  I adore Lonny’s “Scout” pages.  This section is devoted to a wide range of staff picks, presented in multiple formats. They cover design and fashion trends but also movie and book reviews, eateries, boutiques, and weekend travel itineraries for your browsing pleasure.  And then they also include tips from tastemakers, short interviews with clever people, roundups of the coolest objects d’art, different aesthetic takes on a single design question…it’s the way we at Little Yellow Couch think of lifestyle: a compilation of all aspects of living a life connected to culture, food, design and real people.  And all of this is before they get to their featured stories!  From there, the editors continue to add a “Lonny” layer to their featured homes and interviews for the month, infusing these multi-page spreads with notations on design, collecting, shopping and living.  Lonny has a sophisticated feel, reflecting a cultivated but eclectic style.  Which is pretty much how I’d like to be described myself.

Cover Photography by Emily Johnston

Cover Photography by Emily Johnston


Crystal Palecek, Founder & Editor In Chief

Best way to spend a Sunday morning: coffee and waffles in bed, pouring over Rue.  Each issue is it’s own mini-course taught by the pros in interior design.  Rue covers the well-known to the up-and-coming in the industry and never fails to impress.  Not to mention other regular highlights such as the monthly picks by four editors and a new mouth-watering recipe.  And the ladies behind the mag are true fashionistas and they don’t forget to include personal style in their musings.  My favorite pages, though, are the ones covering a fabulous soiree.  Attention to detail and all-out indulgence seem to be the criteria for a party to make it into the pages of Rue. So whenever you have time to allow yourself to sink into pleasure reading, Rue magazine is waiting. 

Adore Home Magazine

Loni Parker, Founder & Editorial Director

Adore is an online mag published in Australia and it has me obsessed with every town, bar, hotel and shop they feature from that country.  Thanks to Adore, I'm now crazy about the design coming from the land down under.  (That saying has to be so annoying to Aussies).  Anyway, if (when!) I go, I’d want the staff from Adore to be my personal tour guides.  Adore has a very accessible vision on design, probably because they know how to clarify the catch-all descriptor, “eclectic,” so well.  When I read through the magazine, I feel like I can truly picture myself fitting right in because they celebrate good design from multiple aesthetics and include a range of perspectives from ultra casual to minimalist sophistication.  Of course, in this whole-globe era we live in, the magazine isn’t really about Australia, it’s about cultivating a style for your home no matter where you live.  But to me, the photos that capture pure Australia are a vacation for my brain.  A very exciting vacation!  

Hope you enjoy perusing through some or all of these great magazines.  And maybe some will become staples in your life like they have in mine. 

Happy Reading!

xoxo Zandra