Breakfast For One

This month is all about things we're crazy about, mad for and in love with.  And we think everyone should treat themselves to a little lovin' whenever possible.  A very pleasurable way to do that is to make a bit of a fuss over breakfast.  For one thing, breakfast is a meal that's often best enjoyed alone.  My idea of a perfect breakfast is a leisurely one, accompanied by the Sunday Times and a big pot of coffee.  It's been quite awhile since I've done that.  About as many years as my oldest son has been around, I think.  


Breakfast for one is even better by simply pulling out your good china and a tablecloth.  Set yourself up for a nice long repast by bringing out everything you'll need for a couple of hours at the table.


Karen June and I had a lot of fun putting this post together.  Who doesn't love pulling out beautiful china and looking up how to soft boil an egg?  It was delicious, by the way.   We highly recommend it, especially since eating them requires you to go out and buy super cute egg cups.  Mine came from an antiques shop and I've been using it to hold my rings.  From now on, it's got a place in my kitchen.   


For a complete breakfast-for-one experience, a toast rack is a must.


We hope you will take this idea and run with it.  You deserve a little "me" time, a little self lovin'.  

xoxo Zandra & Karen June