Crazy About ... Pajamas

I am forever on the hunt for PJs that really please me in the aesthetics department (not too frumpy, no baby-doll styles, no grandma prints, no cutesy sayings and pastels usually wash me out).  But they also have to meet certain comfort criteria (no 3/4 length sleeves or capris, not too loose, not too tight, not too thin, definitely soft).  My husband keeps calling me princess and when I thank him, he says, "No.  I mean the princess of the Princess and the Pea story.  The one where her standards are so high, she's never satisfied"?  I say, "Ok, I'm not getting why I shouldn't thank you for complimenting me," and go back to my shelf re-arranging hobby.  Anyway, here are the ones that pass my test.  And please let me know if you have a favorite little sleepwear shop or brand that you adore.  Really.  I am seriously always on the hunt.  

xoxo Zandra

  1. BeadHead Black Cameo Pajamas via Sierra Trading Post
  2. Regal Birds Pajama Bottoms via Boden
  3. Snapdragons Glam Silk Slip via BeadHead
  4. Squirrels Classic Flannel PJ Set via Munki Munki
  5. Asian Wrap Pajamas via Garnet Hill
  6. Bamboo Terry Pajama Top via Sandmaiden Sleepwear
  7. Jessie Steele Pajamas Knickers via Layla Grayce
  8. Cherry Pick PJ via BedHead
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