Crazy About ... The Letter Z


I really am crazy about the letter "z."  I think this was my mom's intention from the very beginning. While she loves to purchase anything she comes across with the letter "Z," she seems downright proud when she can't find a "Z" amongst a pile of monogrammed pads of paper, tote bags or mugs.  This somehow proves her point that she has a produced a truly unique child.  My dad, too, seems to takes a perverse pleasure in the fact that he has a daughter with a name that people can't pronounce.  It's as if it's assumed I must come from highly intelligent parents.  So, yes, my collection of "Zs" is a reflection of years of self-centered-ness.  But in my defense, I come from it honestly.   

I love typography in general and am fond of quite a few other letters as well.  They make wonderfully graphic pieces to add to a salon-style wall or a mantle, a bookcase, an exposed brick wall....the possibilities are endless.  Starting a collection of your favorite letter is a great way to excuse any illogical behavior you might display while attending antiques fairs.  Even though you don't need a $125 rusted metal letter with chipped paint and a dent where you might expect to hang it on a wall, you only have to say "Ooooh!  I collect those! "  and it becomes obvious to everyone around that you will, indeed, become it's owner immediately. No questions asked.  

xoxo Zandra