Crazy About ... Presidents

When we were planning out our "Crazy About..." month, we figured we'd just skip over Presidents' Day.  I mean, who really does anything for Presidents' Day?  Except maybe the docents at presidential library museums.  Oh, and maybe a few of the people who take care of presidential monuments.  And I suppose several offices of the Smithsonian in D.C.  But other than THOSE people who are clearly more astute and literate than us, who ELSE really does anything for Presidents' Day?  But then we had a brilliant idea.  Wouldn't it be fun to see a bunch of kitchy and/or clever presidential knick-knacks all in one place?  I mean, taken together, it's a collection rather than a bunch of dust collectors!  And now I really, really want all of the items on our Shopping List!  Let us know which ones you like best!  (Please.  We love mail).  

xoxo Zandra & Karen June


1.  Theodore Roosevelt Pillow via Late Greats
2.  Martin Van Buren 1950's Figurine via Ju Ju Bee'z Gems
3.  World Leader Quotes - Theodore Roosevelt via Design Different
4.  Abraham Lincoln Silhouette Hand Cut Vinyl Record Wall Art via Records Redone
5.  James Garfield Dinner Plate via Justin Rothshank Ceramics 
6.  Ulysses S Grant Vintage Dictionary Print via 2 Purple Cats
7.  "Hello America" Obama Terrarium Accessory via Faerie Nest
8.  James Madison Giclee Print via Elizabeth Mayville
9.  Abraham Lincoln Wooden Wall Hanging via Original Paper 
10.  Roosevelt Bust via Funky Retro Finds
11.  George Washington Cuff Links via Nostalgic Links
12.  William Henry Harrison Mug via Justin Rothshank Ceramics