Vintage Love Sayings Printable Flags


We spent all of last October on the theme "civilized living" and I'm still in love with many of the quirks and mannerisms we incorporated into our lives for that month.  One of the treasures we stumbled upon was the set of books titled "Let's Bring Back," by Leslie M. M. Blume, a modern day muse for vintage geeks the world over.  In her "Lost Language" edition, she unearths several delightful quips for getting your lover's attention.  We've decided to sprinkle a few of them into our printable flags for your use this Valentine's Day.  You can glue them onto a toothpick to upgrade a store-bought cupcake, enlarge them just a bit and glue to a skewer nestled into your bouquet of flowers, or simply attach them to little gifts you're going to give your nearest and dearest.  Send us a photo of your tag-madness... We'd love to see how you use them!  

xoxo Zandra & Karen June

Printable Flags PDF


  • Card Stock (we used creme colored)
  • Printer
  • Scissors
  • 5 mm brads


  1. Print the Vintage Love Sayings Flag PDF on card stock.
  2. Cut out the flags
  3. Pierce paper with brad and splay ends.
  4. Attach to anything you like!