Decoupage Valentine Printable


If you stand in line at the grocery store right about now, you'll see lots of magazine covers promising how "fun" and "easy" it is to create your own handmade valentines.  You look down at your kid and secretly hope she doesn't see the same magazines and beg for a mommy and me craft day.  Because frankly, the only thing the 7 year olds truly care about is the candy, not your clever ideas on how to turn a tin can into a heart-shaped robot.  So for the kids and their friends, go ahead and buy the movie-themed, heavily branded, complete-with-a-sticker-sheet valentines.  But what about that idea we had last week?  The one where you surprise a few close friends with a little gift and a sweet sentiment to remind them that they're special?  For that, you may want to go to the trouble of making your own cards.  But if you find yourself running low on time, please feel free to print out ours.  It was made with love and will be given, by you, with love.  And that's all that really matters.

xoxo Zandra and Karen June 


Decoupage Valentine PDF

Decoupage Valentine BACK PDF



1.  Print Valentine on a piece of card stock.  Flip and print the Valentine BACK on the reverse side.
2.  Cut out Valentine.
3.  Trace the border of the banner with a ball point glue pen.  Sprinkle with German glass glitter and dust off.  
4.  Add a message to your sweetheart and pop it in the mail!