Day Of The Dead Invites

Here's a quick idea: use a stack of museum postcards as invites for your next costume party!  

We are over the (howling) moon that our "Off The Wall" art themed month is coinciding with October!  We've concocted an All Hallows Eve party to wake the dead:  Frida Kahlo, Mexican artist extraordinaire (and Karen June's most beloved painter), will host a Day of the Dead costume party for all of her artistic friends.  Which means, we've asked our guests to come dressed as either a famous artist or a famous portrait.  


Karen June will be dressed as Frida Kahlo and her husband, Jason, will be Frida's husband, the famous muralist, Diego Rivera, and we'll be transforming their home into a Mexican hacienda, outfitted for The Day Of The Dead.  Given how many self-portraits Frida painted during her career, we thought it fitting that the invites were all images of Frida.  We also think this idea for an invitation could be used for any party, throughout the year... simply purchase a stack of postcards of famous paintings from a museum or online, embellish them whichever way you like, and send them out!  


For these invites, we used several different embellishments.  For the trim, we used pom-pom and lace ribbons.  The flowers Frida famously wore in her hair we made with small strips of tissue paper and secured with brass brads.  We traced some of the details with glitter pens and metallic Sharpies.  All of these items you can find at your local craft store.  Other embellishments came from The Paper Source, including sugar skulls made from a rubber stamp (cut out to use as a necklace or mask) and decorative paper to line the envelopes.  

For the postcards themselves, have fun by visiting a museum gift shop, or buy online.  

Later this week, we'll share all of our costumes and the party itself!  

xoxo Zandra