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Hello!  We're Karen June and Zandra and this is our Little Yellow Couch.  It's where we dream about the style and substance of our lives and we'd love to connect with you!  If you get super excited about finding a cool piece of furniture at the thrift store and remaking it... if you love to throw a memorable party... if you enjoy shopping for handcrafted items to style your home, you'll be quite comfy on our Little Yellow Couch!  So grab a cup of coffee (or a glass of vino) and settle in...

While we're on hiatus for a couple of months, refining our mission and redesigning our website, please take a look around.  You can search for articles on DIYs, Quick Ideas, Thrift Store Remakes, Vignettes, Cocktails, Book Reviews, Shopping Lists, Flower Arrangements, Parties, etc.  

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