Costume Party Playlist (Artists and their Art)

The invites have been sent, the dust bunnies banished and  the menu planned. Time to open the door and pour the signature cocktails, right? Not quite… You know what you’re guests will be eating, and are looking forward to seeing what they’re wearing, but what will they be hearing?Party playlists can really add excitement to an evening, but coming up with them can be a challenge. For this month’s post I thought it’d get in on the fun of the Day of the Dead Famous Art and Artists Party by giving you some play list ideas.

Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga – The Lady is a Tramp  Did you know that Tony Bennett is also a painter? His work is marketed and sold under his birth name Anthony Bennetto. I’ve always considered Lady Gaga to be performance artist, so this is a two-fer.

Pablo Aslan – Triunfal - Theme party playlists can be especially tricky, and there is the tendency to be a bit literal. Not all songs have to be about art or artists. What about a genre or performer who inspired a visual artist? Salavadore Dali, Diego Rivera & Frida Kalo were all inspired by a wide variety of musicians and styles, including Gypsy jazz and tango.

The Weepies – Painting By Chagall - This is one of two songs I picked that are about specific artists.  There are hundreds more out there. Just google your favorite artist with the word song and see what pops up. Some of my other favorites are Joni Mitchell’s “Turbulent Indigo” and Tom Waits’ “Night Hawk Postcards”.

Paul Simon - Rene & Georgette Magritte with their Dog After the War - My other pick for artist specific tune. This one is based on a photo taken of the artist and his wife.  If you’re a Magritte fan, John Cale also has a wonderful song “Magritte”.

Miles Davis – So What - Eternally cool, but also another performing artist who moonlighted as a visual artist.

Regina Spektor – US - US is art as musical metaphor, and it’s everywhere.  You can even make it part of your party games. How about matching the famous musician with his or her painting? Or how many songs about art and artists can your guests name in thirty seconds?

As usual, finding songs was not the problem.  Narrowing it down to just a handful of tunes was. This list is meant to be a jumping off point to inspire your ideas. I hope that you’ll add yours in the comment section!

xoxo Wendy

Wendy Lane Bailey is our genius musical consultant and guest blogger.  You can find her own beautiful singing voice on her website,