Floral Frame

For our art-based "Off The Wall" theme this month, I decided to make the frame itself the focal point for our floral arrangement.  Instead of, say, framing a still life painting of flowers, I thought maybe the flowers could be the frame.  

You simply drill holes into the front of your frame for the stems.  (You'll have to be willing to sacrifice it for the cause, so I made sure to use an inexpensive thrift store frame which I spray painted gold for the project).  Since we're in October and the air is crisp with the beginning of Fall, I chose flowers that are at their peak this time of year.  The millet, seeded eucalyptus and the goldenrod  can survive without water and still look good as they dry.  If you'd like to have this arrangement around for several weeks, you could fill the entire frame with these workhorses.   

But to give the frame some punch, I added the saturated colors of dahlias and a single chartreuse hydrangea.  I'd go with this option if you're creating the frame for a special event...a fall wedding, shower or party...because these flowers will only last a day out of water but they sure do look spectacular!  

We hope you're enjoying the beauty of this season and consider making a still life of your own with a floral frame!

xoxo Zandra

P.S.  Be sure to drill on the diagonal so that your stems are going down or across the back of the frame on an angle.  Otherwise, your flowers will be sticking straight out rather than sitting up against the frame.  I also used extra thin floral wire to help hold them upright.