14 Calendars for 2014

Every year, I secretly renew my membership with Calendar Geeks Anonymous (oops, cat's out of the bag) and spend hours and hours scouring the planet for the Very Best Calendar Ever Made.  I am consumed with the extremely important and weighty choice of which calendar will represent my deepest, inner-most hopes and dreams and all of the profound goals I will be sure to achieve over the next twelve months.  Or one where I will write down my appointments and to-do lists.  At least through mid-March.  But in the most decorative way possible.  No really, I DO love a fresh calendar, newly ripped from its cellophane wrapper, hung on the wall with all of those little blank boxes, numbers marching along the number line, daring me to fill them in.  It's addictive.  Here are a few of our favorite.  We hope you get as much giddy pleasure from them as we do!  


1.  DIY Printable Typewriter Desk Calendar via Sky Goodies

2.  Secret Garden Calendar via Rifle Paper Co.

3.  Robins - Eco-Friendly Calendar on Wooden Hanger via The Paperbird Society

4.  Mini Desk Calendar - Camera Love via Lola's Room

5.  Pieces and Patterns Illustrated Wall Calendar via One Canoe Two

6.  Indigo Calendar via Smock

7.  Language of Flowers Wall Calendar via The House That Lars Built

8.  Oversized Wall Calendar HUGE with wood hanger via One Canoe Two

9.  Mid Century Modern Calendar Print via Yumalum

10.  Chalkboard Wall Grid Calendar via The Paper Source

11.  Letterpress Sea Creatures Perpetual Calendar via Blackbird Letterpress

12.  Jaunty Animals Calendar via Hello Small World

13.  Phases of the Moon Screen Printed Lunar Calendar via The Warpaint Shop

14.  DIY Embroidery Kit Tea Towel Calendar via Curious Doodles