DIY: Reverse Decoupage Jewelry Tray


We've spent a lot of time on our wardrobes for our "ReFresh" theme this month.  We've gone through our closets and de-cluttered, scented our drawers with sachets and paper liners, added sweet details to our hangers, and tomorrow you'll see the first in our series of posts on how to organize a clothing swap party.  But first, we want to share our final touch for our dressing rooms (or, at least the small area in our bedrooms where we keep our clothes).  Making a glass tray with favorite paper is a lovely way to personalize an object for yourself or as a gift.  We’re using ours as a spot for jewelry.  

DIY Reverse Decoupage Tray PDF


Glass Tray
Decorative Paper
Gold Paint
Mod Podge
Spray Adhesive
Acrylic Metallic Gold Paint (For Glass and Ceramics)
Metallic Gold Sharpie (Oil Based)
Exacto Knife
Small Brushes
Cork or Bone Folder


  1. Cut out images from paper.  Thicker paper, such as good quality wrapping paper, is easiest to work with.  Avoid glossy or coated paper. 
  2. Flip the tray over so that the bottom is facing you.  Brush decoupage medium (such as Mod Podge) across the back of the tray.

  3. Lightly place your paper over the glued area, with the right side facing down (so that the “pretty” side shows through on the front of the tray).  Layer paper on top of paper if you are doing a collage, adding the decoupage medium to the back of the tray as needed.  

    Smooth out any air bubbles with a bone folder or even a cork from a wine bottle and let dry for about an hour.

    Brush another layer of decoupage medium over the paper, covering the entire back of the tray.  

    After it dries, scrape off any excess glue from the edges with a razor blade or Exacto knife.

  4. Paint the back of the tray whatever color you’d like to see around the edge of the piece.  Two coats will probably be necessary. Use a metallic oil based Sharpie to touch up tray edges. 

  5. Using a spray adhesive, glue a piece of felt to the back of the tray to give it a finished look. 

  6. Ta-da!  You’re done.