Quick Idea: Cloth Napkin Pillows

I am always looking for ways to refresh and brighten the living spaces in our home.  I'm a bit changeable when it comes to design and when I spot a new fabric, treasure or paint color, I immediately want to find a way to add it to my decor.  Expressing your aesthetic in your home not only makes you feel ... well at home, but also makes those you invite into your home feel comfortable as you share a bit of yourself with them.  And of course, as with all of the things we bring into our homes, we have to LOVE them!  

Refreshing a living space also does not need to be time consuming or costly.  Want to know my quick, easy and inexpensive secret for new pillows?  (Shhhhh!)  Check your favorite home decor store's table linens section for a wonderful collection of designs!  I'm particularly drawn to napkins and placemats with crocheted edges, ruffles and contrasting stitching.  Pick two of the same design or mix them up.  Four straight lines and you are done!  

xoxo Karen June



2 Cloth Napkins or Placemats
Sewing Machine
Quilting Pins
Pillow Form or Fiber Fill


  1. Pair two napkins or placemats together - right sides out. 
  2. Pin together and sew leaving an opening at the base of the pillow to allow for pillow form or fiber filling. 
  3. Stuff pillow and then sew closed by hand.  

Tip:  I sew mine along the napkin's existing seam with the rights sides facing out allowing for the detailed edging to be admired.  

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