Quick Idea: Wooden Crate Jewelry Display


I love to accessorize.  In fact, many mornings I choose my outfit based on an accessory I want to wear that day. Starting with a color or aesthetic when getting dressed can lead to much more creative outfits and feeling more inspired to try new combinations of colors and patterns.  

Many of the jewelry pieces I wear are made by myself, other artisans or are found at vintage shops.  I gravitate towards pieces that are colorful or one-of-a-kind.  I've always liked when artisans refer to their jewelry as "wearable art".  

With that thought in mind I wanted to find a way to display my collection ... not only to easily access my jewelry when getting dressed in the morning, but also to admire my trinkets on my dressing table.  A stack of three vintage crates picked up at a local antiques show made for a clever canvas and cup hooks can be added in multiple rows and even on the tops and sides as your collection expands.  

Supply List:

Wooden Crates
1/2" Cup Hooks (Create for Less or your local hardware store)
Electric Drill
1/16" Drill Bit
Small Pliers


  • Pre-Drill your holes at even intervals.  (We spaced ours about 1 3/4" apart, offsetting a second row further back and another set on top of the crate for longer necklaces.)
  • Using pliers, screw the cup hooks into the pre-drilled holes
  • Hang and enjoy your jewelry!

xoxo Karen June

*** P.S.  Look below for a clever display solution for your rings!



*** Looking for a clever way to display your rings?  Cigar boxes filled with black beans are a great solution and look great with your vintage crates!