Clothing Inventory (a lovely little printable)

Ok, this might feel a little hokey at first, but try actually writing down what you currently own and what clothing items you feel are missing from your wardrobe.  I promise you'll be more intentional when you're out shopping and stop coming home with yet another black sweater that you definitely don't need.  But first, be brutally honest about what's in your closet.  For every item, make sure it passes the 3 question test:  

1.  Does it make me feel beautiful?
2. Does it fit?  
3. Will I actually wear it?  

(And yes, it has to pass ALL three questions).  If you're still stuck with a bunch of clothes you hardly ever wear, put on each item and wear it for a day.  THEN ask yourself:  

  • Did I feel happy?  
  • Was I relieved when it was time to take off these clothes?  
  • Did I feel like myself?  
  • Can I imagine wearing it again next week?  

If any of your responses were negative, give the item the old heave ho.  


Karen has created this lovely printable that you can tuck in your bag after you've filled it out.  For the "Love It?" column, if you don't answer "yes" or "maybe" the item shouldn't even be in your closet.  For the "maybe" items, jot down what you're not sure about (it has a stain, not sure if it's the right color, it might be getting worn out...). Then, when you see a possible replacement for that item, you can decide whether or not it's time to switch it out.  For the "Pair With" area, also note whether or not you actually have the items you're pairing together!

And finally, when buying new pieces the most important question to ask first is

"Do I LOVE it?"

(and forget about whether or not it's on sale...even $15 is too much if you're going to hate wearing it 2 weeks after you buy it).  Even thinking "I guess this will be fine" is reason enough NOT to buy it.  Seriously. LOVE it or let it go. Because who are we kidding? We all have too many clothes already.

InventoryExample copy.png