Happy New Year from Little Yellow Couch


Happy New Year!  It’s that time again when people start either making resolutions or dig in their heels and refuse them.  Which camp are you in?  At Little Yellow Couch, we’re going to turn the resolution tradition on its side and simply focus on refreshing our lives, without setting up soul-crushing promises or ignoring the opportunity to mindfully change a few things that could make our lives better. 

We’re looking at some ways to actively move our thoughts away from habits that bother us by focusing on what we’ll do instead.  One friend has decided that for a month, she’s going to say “yes” to everything that she’d normally turn down, simply to shake up her life.  Another friend is going to choose a goal-oriented word for the year, one that she’ll come back to when she needs help with a tough decision on prioritizing her time. 

For us, we have our monthly themes that allow us to delve into subjects we want to know more about.  By committing to a specific topic for an entire month, we are more likely to incorporate some of what we’ve absorbed into our daily lives going forward.  This month, our theme is REFRESH.  A fresh start, a clean slate.  We’ll be dusting off our homes and wardrobes and continuing to apply the principle that’s central to Little Yellow Couch: Own what you love and leave the rest behind.  We’re going to expand this mantra to include doing what we love and spending time with the people we love.  While we can’t always leave the rest behind, we can find ways to change our approach so that we’re living a life that best represents our core.  Here’s to 2014:  Let’s do this!!!

xoxo Zandra & Karen June