A Bit of Greece at Brimfield

Zandra and I headed out this past Saturday for our seasonal pilgrimage to the Brimfield Antique Show.  Comfortable shoes, wish lists and trolley in toe we trekked up and down the aisles of tents looking for hidden treasure and reminiscing about past finds and nostalgic memories brought on by vintage objects.  We get just as excited by vendor booths filled to the brim requiring a bit of excavation as we are by expertly staged ones.  We always arrive at Brimfield with a few items we are particularly on the look-out for, but often it is that unimagined and unexpected item that catches our eyes.  We arrived at one beautifully curated booth featuring vintage glassware and tablecloths ... bright kitschy reds, yellows and blues.  All the contents of a 1940’s kitchen just ready to be assembled.  Just as we were about to leave, a fabulous mid-century green typewriter drew my attention.  As I looked closer something very unique caught my eye ... Greek letters!  I will have to admit, a vintage Greek typewriter was not on my list ... but it should have been!  How could I have lived this long without one!?!  My long detailed story about my connections with Greece will have to wait for another time, but I will say that my love for Greece and my beginning studies of the Greek language meant this mint green beauty had to come home with me. For now it will make its home on my desk.  However, it may one day travel to my home in Greece where I imagine typing in a shaded spot in my courtyard about my connections and family history there.  

Σύνδεση. Στυλ. Ουσία. Αυτό είναι το Μικρός Κίτρινος Καναπές. 

Connection.  Style.  Substance.  That's Little Yellow Couch. 

xoxo Karen June


Here is a little peek at a few other vintage items we spotted this weekend ... 

Meet a couple of our new friends ... Tumbledown Farms (vintage clock dials, gears & vials)Sister and Sister Vintage Revival  (vintage hats)