Moving Beyond “Hello"

Well, friends, this has been a whirlwind month for us!  We’ve launched our website, promoted three artisans through the sale of our first box and posted something every Monday through Friday: DIYs, articles, interviews, printables, etc.  We are on Cloud 9 and going to sleep each night exhausted but exhilarated.  And a little nudge: there are only a few more September boxes left!  Order one of the last of our inaugural boxes here.

We are so excited about moving forward into next month!  Tomorrow we’ll be revealing our theme, three new artists, and their handcrafted products made especially for Little Yellow Couch.  It’s going to be a juicy one so we hope you check back with us regularly.  You can sign up for our newsletter to receive exclusive news and offers, follow us on social media, pin our photos on your boards, send us an email or maybe a note by carrier pigeon.  (If you can figure that out, we would definitely throw you a party). 

 At Little Yellow Couch, our goal is to encourage your desire (we know you have it!) to live a life connected to the people, places and things that are meaningful to you.  We’re all busy, sometimes frazzled, and often tired.  But we believe that trying to do and have it all leaves us feeling empty.  We end up consuming things (objects, food, experiences) simply because they’re put right in front of us and it feels easier to just snap them up and keep going.  And then, one day, you look around and you realize you’ve accumulated a lot of stuff that you don’t care about, you don’t have room for and doesn’t reflect your personal style.  (We’re not trying to preach here….we fall into this habit, too!).   We’re taking a step back and really figuring out what it is we want to drive our spending choices.  Defining our aesthetic, discovering what excites us about a particular flavor, color, pattern, smell, and connecting to the story behind a product…these are questions that drive us.  How about you?