Shopping List

This months handmade Shopping List is inspired by our theme "Pleased to Meet You". And ... what better way to meet people than by saying "Hello!"?   Make sure to greet someone today and check out these great artists and products below to find fun ways to say .... "Hello!"     

  1. Hand Drawn "Hello" Decal via Swanky Graffiti 
  2.  "Hello" Recycled Paper Writing Set via The Think Tree
  3. "Hello" Rubber Stamp via Wit and Whistle
  4. "Hello" Necklace via The Swan Lake
  5.  "Hello" Brooch via Delilah Devine
  6. "Hello" Round Stickers via Once Upon Supplies 
  7. "Hello" Pillow Cover via Michelle Dwight
  8. "Hello Sunshine" Greeting Card via Freya Art
  9. Instant Download Printable Business Cards via Swell and Grand