Doorknob Posies DIY

All summer I have been driving by a delightful roadside stand in my town.  This lovely neighbor has gorgeous gardens that wrap around the side of her home.  Each morning she picks beautiful bouquets of flowers and sets them up for sale on a small stand at the end of her drive.  Next to the bouquets is a tin can and a small sign reading "Bouquets $3 ... Honor System"  I finally decided to pull over recently and picked up two huge bouquets of zinnias to decorate my home and a few to tuck into this sweet doorknob vase.  Make a few of these to hang around your home and as a clever little hello to a neighbor or friend! 

xoxo Karen June



Printable Instructions

 1.  Gather Your Materials

  • Vintage Tin (Vintage Tobacco Tins are a great size.  I picked mine up from Roland Marquis)
  •  Vintage Paper Advertising Tape Measure (I scored this one from Dime Store Chic ... Other ideas include Ribbons or Twine)
  • Metal Punch (These can be found in the jewelry section of your local craft store or online at Create for Less)
  • Scissors
  • Metal Brads  (These can be found in the scrapbooking section of your local craft store or online at Create for Less)
  • Posies  (Pick up some locally grown flowers at a farmers market or roadside stand or grow your own like those pictured from Hudson Valley Seed Library)
  • Kraft Printable Card Stock
  • "Hello Tag" Printable

2.   Cut Paper Tape Measure to desired length.  I went with about 13" just based on how my tape measure was folded.  

3.  Punch a hole in each side of the tin about 1/4" from the top using your Metal Punch.  I also used my punch to place a hole on either end of the measuring tape.  Insert a brad through the tape and then through the tin and splay the ends on the inside of the tin.  

4.  Cut your posies, arrange and add water.  Attach a "Hello Tag" and leave as a surprise on a friend or neighbors door!


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