Karen June's Dining Room

I love taking a peek into other people's homes.  Invited of course!  I believe that someone's decor can tell you so much about them, their style of living and what is important to them.  I also believe that each piece in your home should tell a story and have a sense of connection to you.  I live in New England in a 100+ year old home with loads of character - that's what we choose to call cracked plaster ceilings and sloped floor boards!  One of my favorite rooms in our house is our Dining Room...


Our modest floor plan allows for one eating area so this space needs to be as functional as it is charming.  However, at the same time we don't like to take ourselves too seriously.  So, this dress form collected at the estate sale of a local artist somehow found her home in this space.  She always dons a black faux fur capelet and a variety of vintage hats, so she is clearly ready for any dining occasion.  


This little corner of the room has very little wall space to spare, but sometimes nooks and crannies can be filled with a collection of small treasures and still make a statement. This collection of Greek Orthodox icons and crosses are a nod to my Greek heritage and each one came into my collection with its own story.   


Afternoon sunlight regularly pours into this room and allows for dark solid furniture to stand in contrast.  The hutch allows for hidden storage of table linens and tableware underneath while a curated collection of items can cycle through the open shelving.  


A closer look at the hutch reveals a few select white ceramic pieces whose shapes I love and get regular use.  Above is a collection of inexpensive glassware collected piece by piece at local thrift shops.  Each piece on its own is of little value and is rather unimpressive.  However, suddenly in a group they become a thoughtful and interesting collection.  Currently, they are filled with a variety of found birds nests and handmade book page roses.  Their contents can be easily changed for a new look entirely.  


Much to my husbands dismay, I have quite the collection of table settings.  My favorite however, is this simple Italian made set in creme.  A quick change in table runner and cloth napkins is all that is needed for a new effect.  These simple brass candlesticks, picked up at the thrift store, received a quick coat of black spray paint, but a pop of color might be more your style.   


In a small living space, each corner needs to be thoughtfully utilized.  This large oak desk, passed down on my husband's side, is currently Little Yellow Couch central.  However, it can easily be cleared off and used as a sideboard when dinner companions arrive.   


This last small corner houses another large cabinet containing more table and glassware for just about any occasion.  A long repurposed transom window showcases photographs telling our family's story of adoption.  Even in a small space, you can display and use the items you love and have meaning to you and at the same time make your guests feel at home.