Hello Badge DIY

When we started brainstorming ideas for this month's theme "Pleased to Meet You", one of the first things that came to mind was the classic red and white "Hello My Name Is" badge.  Though handy at large gatherings, they are a bit cliché and frankly not all that flattering.  However, our felt embroidered version is sure to get a few complements!  And ... you are sure to make some new friends!  (We do what we can here at Little Yellow Couch.)  Stitch on your own name or get a bit cheeky and take on a new persona ... "Wonder Woman" or "Coco Chanel" strike our fancy.  So, lets get stitching!

xoxo Karen June




1 6x9 Sheet Red Wool Blend Felt*

1 6x9 Sheet White Wool Blend Felt*



Sewing Pins

Embroidery Needle

White Pen

Black Pen

Red Sewing Thread

White Sewing Thread

Black Embroidery Thread

White Embroidery Thread

1" Sew On Pinback** 

 * Sweet Emma Jean on Etsy has a great selection of Wool Blend Felt.  For our project, we used Bright Red and White

** Create for Less is a a great source for sew on pinbacks


  1. Cut one piece of white felt and one piece of red from Pattern A
  2. Cut one piece of white felt from pattern B
  3. Line up white piece B on red piece A to use as a guide
  4. Copy text onto red felt with white pen and embroider text with white embroidery thread using a backstitch*
  5. Write your name on felt piece B and embroider with black embroidery thread using the stem stitch*
  6. Sandwich the red and white felt pieces from pattern A and stitch together using red sewing thread and a blanket stitch
  7. Sew white felt piece B to red piece using white sewing thread and a whip stitch
  8. Sew pin to white backing and you are ready to meet some new friends! 

* The Embroidery Stitch Bible is a great source for learning basic and more advanced embroidery stitches. 


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