Deer Silhouette Pillow & Ornaments DIY

As we've said, we are all about plaid in the Little Yellow Couch studio this week.  As we cut and stitch , pin and glue to decorate for our cocktail party this Friday, we keep looking at each other and saying ... "I think we need more plaid!"  Here are two more projects incorporating plaid for you to use in your holiday decor.  

Our Deer Silhouette Pillow would look great on your favorite seat and its pom pom fringe adds a fun touch.  Love the look, but hoping for a no sew DIY?  Check out our Deer Silhouette Ornament below.  Simply cut and glue!


Deer Silhouette Pillow Instructions
Deer Silhouette 1
Deer Silhouette 2


3/4 yd. Plaid Fabric *
2 yds. Pom Pom Fringe *
12 x 18" sheet of Black Felt
Sewing Machine
Sewing Thread
Quilting Pins
16 x 16 " Pillow Form

* Our beautiful plaids and trim are from the Fabric Place Basement.


Piece A   17" x 17"
Piece B   17" x 14" (top flap)
Piece C   17" x 12" (bottom flap)
Deer Silhouette ( Print and cut out Deer 1 & Deer 2 and tape together)

(For a tighter fit - Piece A 16 x16" : Piece B 16" x 14" : Piece C 16" x 12")


  1. Gather materials.
  2. Print out Deer Silhouette Pattern and cut out deer from Black Felt.  
  3.  Cut out Pieces A, B, and C from Plaid Fabric.
  4. Pin Deer Silhouette to Piece A - 1 1/4" from the base.
  5. Edge stitch Deer to Piece A.
  6. Press one of the 17"w sides of Pieces B & C over 1/2".  Edge stitch.
  7. Line Piece B up with pillow top (right sides together).  
  8. Line Piece C up with pillow bottom (right sides together). 
  9. Sandwich Pom Pom trim between right sides of fabric and pin in place. 
  10. Sew around all four sides at 1/2" and turn right side out.


Looking for a quick no sew project?  Try framing a scrap of plaid fabric in any embroidery hoop (Karen June lucked out and found these vintage metal hoops at a yard sale for 10 cents a piece!  Not to gloat, or anything).  Then use our template to trace a deer onto black felt, which you can glue onto the plaid.  These ornaments would look great hung in a cluster on a wall or trimming your tree!