Plaid Runner & Coasters DIY


In case it has gone unnoticed, we are committed to using a ridiculous amount of plaid for our upcoming holiday cocktail party.  (Bonus for me: I get to keep all of this stuff for my home once the party is over).  Yesterday we showed you our plaid swag and tomorrow we’ll be sharing DIYs on a plaid pillow and ornaments.  Today it’s all about using the scraps.  Looking around my house during the various stages of party planning, the question we keep asking is: “Do we have enough plaid?” followed closely by “is it possible to EVER have too much plaid?!”  After re-covering a chair, hanging swags, making ornaments, pillows and artwork, we were astounded to see we’d neglected the buffet!  Of all places!  So, the idea for a quick runner was born and then, because we couldn’t resist, we made some coasters, too. 

Quick Tip (also known as “cheating,” or “faking” by extremist DIYers):  Use a runner you already have (or flip one over and use the backside).  Then just sew on your strips of fabric.  I mean, why re-invent the wheel?  Or the base for your runner?  

For the coasters, we cut 5”x5” squares, sewing two squares of different fabrics together.  Simply stitching on the outside of the fabrics and using pinking shears to finish the edges made the work go very quickly, no hemming required.  Because who likes to hem a gazillion coasters?  


Zandra and Karen June 

P.S.  All of our beautiful plaids are from the Fabric Place Basement!

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