Quick and Easy DIY Plaid Swag


Here’s any easy project you could do in an afternoon.  We were inspired by the draping found in grand homes during the winter.  Typically made of velvet, these drapes were hung between rooms to keep warm air in or cold air out.  While central heating no longer necessitates this ritual, we love the idea of decorating with fabric, as if we’re blanketing our homes for winter.  

You’ll need:

  • A stick you find in your yard or on a walk
  • Spray paint (we used gold to be festive for the holidays), or leave the stick natural
  • Small eye hooks
  • Fishing twine
  • Fabric *(the length is up to you and how far down you want the swag to hang)
  • 2nd Fabric *(if you want to have a coordinating pattern across the bottom)

* Our festive plaids are from the Fabric Place Basement

Tools you may find helpful:

  • Lopping shears to cut the branch down to size (we just used what we found)
  • Cutting mat and rotary cutter
  • Quilting Ruler
  • Sewing Machine

How To:

I have two arches in my home so I wanted two swags.  We simply cut our fabric lengthwise down the middle so that each swag had a width of 26”.  To hang the sticks, we used very small eye hooks screwed into the underside of each arch (or in your doorways if you like).   We then tied fishing line from the hooks around the sticks to keep it looking uncluttered.  For the fabric, we cut a 2nd plaid on the bias to coordinate with the first and sewed it on the bottom.  After we hemmed all of the sides, we played around with draping the fabric across the sticks until we liked the look.  Voila!  A can a spray paint and a few seams in straight lines….how simple is that?   

xoxo Zandra