Quick Idea: Cocktail Stirrers


6 circles of three different kinds of paper  (2 large, 2 medium, 2 small) + 1 thin popsicle stick = 1 cocktail (or coffee!) stirrer

When hosting a Little Yellow Couch event, we like to send our guests home with a little present.  Because, you know, we're nice.  For our cocktail party, we made sets of 6 drink stirrers for each couple and put them in clear bags with a sweet homemade label.  Too bad nobody got them!  For the second time in three months, we forgot to give out our gifts as people were leaving! We now have enough cocktail stirrers to outfit Don Draper's office bar cart for at least a month.  Oh well.  We'll just think nice thoughts about our guests each time Karen and I sit around drinking our signature cocktail.  Does that count?